WATSONVILLE, CALIFORNIA (February 8, 2023) – Western Midget Racing has partnered with Scott Schweitzer at Bakersfield Speedway to host a 2023 National Series round on September 2. The event was previously scheduled for Ventura Raceway on August 26, but was canceled due a fairgrounds scheduling conflict. Photo by Maxwell Patrick Imagery

Bakersfield Speedway will become the eighth different venue to host the Midget Series and the event will be the third combination race of the season between the Southwest and California regions. Outlaw Karts and Mini Dwarfs will also be competing during the Labor Day weekend special.

A change has been made to the opening weekend of the California Region as well, with Saturday April 1 moving from Marysville Raceway to Antioch Speedway.

Western Midget Racing stages round two of the Southwest Region on March 4 at Adobe Mountain Speedway. It will then debut at Mohave Valley Raceway on March 18.

For more information on Western Midget Racing, visit them at www.WesternMidgetRacing.com or follow them on Facebook!

2023 WMR Schedule – Subject to Change

(National races pay both SW & CA points)

2.4 Adobe Mountain Speedway (SW)

3.4 Adobe Mountain Speedway (SW)

3.18 Mohave Valley Raceway (SW)

3.31 Ocean Speedway (CA)

4.1 Antioch Speedway (CA)

4.8 Adobe Mountain Speedway (SW)

4.29 Ventura Raceway (National)

5.6 Adobe Mountain Speedway (SW)

5.12 Ocean Speedway (CA)

5.13 Petaluma Speedway (CA)

6.9 Ocean Speedway (CA)

6.10 Petaluma Speedway (CA)

6.17 Ventura Raceway *Wagsdash* (National)

7.14 & 15 Ocean Speedway *Howard Kaeding Classic* (CA)

7.28 Ocean Speedway (CA)

7.29 Antioch Speedway (CA)

8.11 Ocean Speedway (CA)

8.12 Marysville Raceway (CA)

9.2 Bakersfield Speedway (National)

9.16 Adobe Mountain Speedway (SW)

9.30 Mohave Valley Raceway (SW)

10.21 Ventura Raceway (National)

11.10 & 11 Adobe Mountain Speedway *Tribute to Billy Shuman* (SW)

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