STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA (June 20, 2020) – Raisin City’s Mitchel Moles continued to be a terror on the Micro Sprint scene in California, completing a sweep of both the Super 600 and Non-Wing features on Saturday night at Delta Speedway. The final night of the season opening Summer Sizzler saw both main events pay $750 to win along with Moles picking up a $500 bonus for winning both Non-Wing features over the weekend.

Moles led just the final handful of feet of the Super 600 feature, winning in dramatic fashion as he nipped Travis Labat at the line.

Brentwood’s Jeffrey Pahule, Jr. led early from the pole position while Moles tried to work his way forward from the sixth starting position. Fresno’s Raio Salmon used a lap one caution to take the lead and Pahule fell back to the fifth position. Labat started to make the inside work the Salmon went to the bottom as well, taking away Labat’s momentum.

Moles started to roll the outside effectively, nearly grabbing the lead before a red flag on lap nine for Hailey Wood flipping on her side in turn one. Salmon went upstairs into turn one on the restart in front of Moles, while Labat continued to run the bottom line.

Labat edged forward into second by lap 13, then took over the lead from Salmon on lap 16. Alex Panella crashed on lap 18, setting up a shot for Moles to take second place back from Salmon on lap 22.

With five laps to go, Moles was on the high side while Labat led from down low. Moles chipped away lap after lap, getting himself into position as the leaders approached lapped traffic. Coming to the checkered flag, Moles swept around the outside of Labat to win by a nose in a thrilling conclusion to the weekend. Salmon finished third ahead of Caden Steele and Friday night winner Caden Sarale.

Moles’ Non-Wing win on Saturday came in a series of late race restarts against 2019 track champion Sarale. Sarale earned a final opportunity on lap 28 but was unable to capitalize, leading to Moles taking command for the checkered flag.

Tim Vaught led the opening lap with Sarale moving up into the second position. Moles quickly advanced from sixth starting position into third by lap four. The first caution flew on lap seven for Ashton Torgerson and Dylan Bloomfield spinning in turn four.

Moles grabbed second on lap eight before the caution flew for an incident involving Cameron Paul and George Nielson in turn two. Moles used the following restart to take the lead, taking over the top spot on lap ten.

Vaught, Sarale, and Escalon’s Brandon Shaw lined up on the top side of the speedway in a close battle for second around the halfway point of the feature. A caution for Drew Laeber spinning erased Moles’ comfortable lead. Sarale and Shaw used the restart to work past Vaught for second with ten laps to go.

Laeber and Bloomfield had an incident on the front stretch which ended both of their evenings as their second cautions of the race. Moles managed to pull away from Sarale but another caution flew on lap 25 for Mike Graves and Tyler Chamarro tangling. An additional red flag came out on lap 28 for Vaught going up in smoke in turn four. Moles managed to keep the lead over the final two laps ahead of Sarale, Shaw, Denver, NC’s Brent Crews, and Sage Bordenave. The $500 bonus came courtesy of Elk Grove Ford, Forbidden Motorsports, and NorCal Builders, lifting Moles’ Non-Wing haul to $2000 for the weekend.

Sacramento’s Austin Wood outfoxed Hanford’s Dalton Parreira in a thrilling feature for the Restricted drivers on Saturday night. Wood led from the pole position while Friday winner Parreira tried to overcome the four-car invert.

Parreira methodically worked past Teagan Moles for third on lap five, then passed Brandon Riveira of Tracy for second on lap seven. Parreira clawed towards Wood and pounced in lapped traffic, taking the lead on lap 17.

The lapped traffic continued to play a factor as Parreira got hung up on the outside of lapped car Otto Parreira in turn two. Wood dove inside for a three-wide maneuver to re-take the lead at lap 23. Wood topped Parreira for $450 victory ahead of Riveira, Colin Kirby, and Reilee Phillips.

2019 Jr. Sprint champion Lucas Mauldin of Rancho Murrieta returned to victory lane with a flag-to-flag victory. Friday night winner Hayden Stepps of Oakdale drifted back to fourth early in the main event. 2019 runner-up Kyle Fernandez remained in hot pursuit of Mauldin throughout the feature but was unable to make a move. Mauldin, Fernandez, Bakersfield’s Nathan Ward, Stepps, and Brody Rubio were the top-five finishers.

Delta Speedway presented by Financial Center Credit Union continues on July 11th with the third points race for all four of the track’s regular Micro Sprint divisions.
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Delta Speedway presented by Financial Center Credit Union thanks Interstate Truck Center, Lovotti Air, Van De Pol Petroleum, Kludt Oil, Hoosier Racing Tire, Starr Property Management, Performance Electronics, Genova Bakery, Bruno’s Peppers, Motion Media, and Panella Trucking for their support.

Jr. Sprints – 20 laps
1. 55X-Lucas Mauldin[1]; 2. 77K-Kyle Fernandez[3]; 3. 95-Nathan Ward[5]; 4. 98-Hayden Stepps[2]; 5. 25R-Brody Rubio[4]; 6. 10P-Peyton Whitehouse[6]; 7. 96-Briggs Davis[8]; 8. 5-Kellan Harper[7]; 9. (DNS) 20-Jonathan Andrichuk; 10. (DNS) 4M-Mavrick Pedroni; 11. (DNS) 17B-Brycen Roush

Non-Wing – 30 laps
1. 69-Mitchel Moles[6]; 2. 32-Caden Sarale[3]; 3. 0-Brandon Shaw[4]; 4. 1X-Brent Crews[16]; 5. 77-Sage Bordenave[7]; 6. 9-Colton Jones[5]; 7. 06-Blake Bower[8]; 8. 44T-Austin Taborski[14]; 9. 88-Austin Torgerson[1]; 10. 19-Tucker LaCaze[19]; 11. 2-Brody Petrie[17]; 12. 1C-Cameron Paul[12]; 13. 10-Blake McGourty[18]; 14. 61-Nick Vanatta[21]; 15. 83V-Tim Vaught[2]; 16. 81T-Tyler Chamorro[13]; 17. 4Q-Mike Graves[20]; 18. 23-George Nielson[15]; 19. 44X-Drew Laeber[22]; 20. 33-Dylan Bloomfield[9]; 21. 11-Mike Ibarra[10]; 22. 02-Ashton Torgerson[11]

Restricted – 25 laps
1. 2A-Austin Wood[1]; 2. 51-Dalton Parreira[4]; 3. 05R-Brandon Riveira[2]; 4. 83K-Colin Kirby[6]; 5. 88-Reilee Phillips[11]; 6. 4-Teagan Moles[3]; 7. 5-Mattix Salmon[8]; 8. 10R-Rylee Whitehouse[5]; 9. 30-Isabel Barnes[9]; 10. 2X-Taylor Mayhew[7]; 11. 20-Otto Perreira[12]; 12. 13-Elijah Gile[13]; 13. 67-JJ Loss[10]; 14. 63-Colton Key[14]

Super 600 – 30 laps
1. 10J-Mitchel Moles[4]; 2. 1-Travis Labat[3]; 3. 21X-Raio Salmon[2]; 4. 121-Caeden Steele[5]; 5. 24-Caden Sarale[6]; 6. 21-Gauge Garcia[13]; 7. 17-Rickey Sanders[15]; 8. 1X-Brent Crews[9]; 9. 79-Heath Duinkerken[8]; 10. 73-Nikko Panella[11]; 11. 4G-Brian Gilbert[10]; 12. 02-Ashton Torgerson[16]; 13. 27-Ron Singh[12]; 14. 10JR-Cody Key[19]; 15. 32A-Colton Huelsmann[18]; 16. 20-James Andrichuk[14]; 17. 25-Blaine Baxter[7]; 18. 2-Hailey Wood[21]; 19. 12-Alex Panella[17]; 20. 44X-Jeffery Pahule[1]; 21. 19-Nate Matherly[20]; 22. (DNS) 34-Devon Courtnier

June 19 & 20 (Summer Sizzler)

July 11
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August 8
August 22

September 5 & 6 (Dual at Delta)
September 26

October 3 (Championship Night)
October 23 & 24 – Turkey Bowl XX**

Subject to Change
Note: One throw-away race
**Non-points races

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